This Hey Arnold! character would always wear a jumper with the number 33 on it.

The number 33 is extremely important to the controllers of this world. They're obsessed with numbers and use gematria as a means of communication amongst people "in the know. The most commonly used being pythagorean gematria, chaldean gematria and unreduced pythagorean gematria.

Disney have an exclusive club called Club 33, we know that 33 and the checkboard floor are prominent in free-masonry.

33% of the fallen angels were cast out of heaven with Satan by God. The Nephilim (the Giants of biblical times) are descendants of the fallen angels.

NASA launches an app called Sector 33 on September 20th 2013.

33 is the highest degree in free-masonry, the square and compass represents Creation. If you read Genesis and other parts of the bible, you'll notice that the earth is described as flat and unmoving. In the beginning, God compassed the face of the waters and created Earth. This is why the freemasons use the square because symbolises the flat face of the waters and a compass because God used the compass to draw a circle upon the face of the waters.

These are just a few examples, there are many more.