Something I've noticed about entertainment industry is the sheer amount of blasphemous names being used celebs especially the so called "music artists". Names such as ABBA, will.i.am etc. People in high positions of power go out of their way to blasphem the name of God/Jesus Christ whenever they see fit. They don't even try to hide their degeneracy or their hatred for Christ, it's extremely invasive and disgusting. For example when you look at the Swedish pop group ABBA, the word "ABBA" as in ABBA father is a name meaning Father commonly used to address and cry out to God the father. It's also used by Jesus Christ several verse like Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:6 to call out to God.

Speaking more on Blasphemous in the music industry, you also see the Blasphemy with the music artist "will.i.am" which similar to "ABBA" where they go by a name thats ripped out of the Bible blatantly, Exodus 3:14 where God declared himself Moses "I AM THAT I AM". In their twisted minds, they think of themselves as God himself or as gods. They're Megalomaniacs and narcissistic who are desperate for attention. They take anything Biblical and spin it, that's just how they are.

On TV shows and in many music videos, they can't go one second without Blaspheming Christ/the name of God, I'll assume that alot of people reading this are heard of the famous line "We're more popular than Jesus now" stated by the famous Beatles front-man John Lennon. They're many more examples like this that show Celebrities have not shame in Blaspheming or mocking the Name of the Lord God, they think they're above God, they think of themselves as greater than God. They shove their hatred of God down your throat constantly, it's incessant.

I've rambled long enough about blasphemy on this page because it's a topic that's really interesting and needs to be adressed. Something else I've noticed about blasphemy is that you just don't see with celebrities alone, but everyday people too. non famous people are as guility of this as celebrities always feeling the need to blasphemy the name of Jesus Christ/God. They love using the names as swear words either it's "Jesus Christ" this or "Oh my god" that. They can't go one day without doing it, it's abhorrent, not enough people are calling it out. Most people are disensitized to it, it's something people do shamelessly with such nonchanlance. You don't see people do this with the name of Allah, you don't see blasphemy the name of zeus, oden, Buddha etc.

It's always Jesus Christ, It's like it's hard-wired into their brains to reject and deny Christ, they don't feel need Blasphemy thoses because they know those religions are fake. Christians and Christianity are a easy target to them, that's why Christianity is bashed the most, they hate Christ, and know he is the truth, some people use "Atheism" and "Agonsticism" as a front for their blatant Satanism.

I find it funny that the same people that swear up and down that they don't believe in God, that say Jesus Christ doesn't exist are the ones on rollcoaster rides screaming "God help me" or "Jesus save me" crying out to God, you clearly see the irony in that. To me, when people claim their anti-religion, it's code for anti-christianty that's why they hate Christanity and Christ the more than any other religion. I feel like that's enough rambling for today, I'll post about another topic in the future.

the links to each verse are listed down below as follows:

Bible Verses:

Mark 14:36
Romans 8:15
Galatians 4:6
Exodus 3:14