Gender Markers

There's one really important topic the controllers of this world aren't 100% honest about and that's Human anatomy, the ability to identify the right gender markers of a man and woman. In school, you're told that Men and Women come in different shapes and sizes, that's BUUULLLSHIT! that's simply not true. That's why I made this page to show you that they're wrong. There's a reason why the secret society "skulls and bones" society have the name that they have, it's the hidden knownlegde of human anatomy, they have alot of people don't. The masses are greatly deceive because when the topic is brought up people at the top or teachers alike, give you some cope out answer "Muh people come in different shapes and sizes" and most people accept it without question.

Don't fall for the deception, most people will disagree with this but I DON'T CARE I know it to be the truth, having a penis alone doesn't make you a Bio male and having a vagina doesn't make you a bio female, short hair and facial hair doesn't make you a man and having long hair doesn't make you a woman either. it's not called skulls, bones and gentials society, It's not called skulls, bones, genitals and hair society, It's skulls and bones. Your skull and skeletal struture/bones determines your gender, in society we are told that penis is boy, vagina is girl which is true but that's not enough, look at their skeletal struture, that's how you determine their true gender. God made Men and Women equal with distinct differences, use your God-given disernment. Now I'm going to list the gender marks for men and women, It's essential that you know the anatomical differences and the bio indicators:


Men's skulls/heads are significantly large than Women's skull/heads and fit in proportion to their bodies.

Men have a bony protrusion on the back of their skull which Women don't have called the Inion hook.

Men have large foreheads that slope back, and are significantly bigger than a Woman's forehead (think of the cave-man look).

Men have higher, rectangular hairlines, they're much lower on Women.

Men have large, thick crow-magnum brow-ridges, this is absent on Women (just like a cave-man).

Men have thicker eyebrows than Women.

The space between the eyebrow and the eye is larger on a Man than on a Woman.

Men have large, piercing, deep-set eyes that are set back in the skull and are far apart.

The pores on a Man's nose are bigger and are more noticeable than on a Woman's nose.

Men tend to have bigger noses than Women, (you should be looking at the length rather than the width to determine if someone has a big nose or not).

Men have high wide cheekbones.

Men's ears are larger than Women's ears, they angle back and the earlobs are prominent.

Men's ears are set noticeably below eye-level.

Men have a larger philtrum (the space between the base of the nose and the upper lip) than Women do.

Men have bigger lips than Women do, the upper lip and lower lip are the same size.

Men have larger and wider mouths than Women do.

Men have larger teeth and a larger dental palet than Women do.

Men have large, square, flat jaws, and the mandible (the lower jaw) comes all the way around to the ear.

Men have long tree trunk necks.

(Contrary to popular belief) Men have large double-pronged adam's apples with a large, thick larynx and Women don't (p.s. they call it the adam's apple for a reason).

Men have large, broad rectangular shoulders.

Men have large, thick collarbones that lay flat and straight across.

Men have long, lean arms that dangle like that of a monkey and hang straight down.

Men have longer humerous bones that Women do.

Men have thicker wrists and elbow joints.

Men have bigger hands than Women do, they have large knuckles that are straight across, they have a large, rectangular palm of the hand, they also have longer ring fingers shorter index fingers than women do, they're fingers have a lack of pudge and the thumbs are skinner in the middle.

Men have longer, leaner torsos than Women, built like a rectangular, no fat on the belly with symmetrical flat chests.

Men have a large ribcages than Women do, they're positioned vertically (they go straight up and down).

Men tend to be skinner and have a significantly lower body fat percentage than Women do.

Similarly to adam's apples, Men have adonis belt, Women don't (they call it an "adonis" belt for a reason).

The Navel on a Man is set above the waist.

Men have hip-dips (aka violin hips), Women don't.

Men have thigh gaps, Women don't (that's where the penis is supposed to be).

Men have backs that are as flat as a board and straight spines, their backs start bending lower down.

Men have larger scapula bones (the shoulder bone that connects the humerus bone to the collar bone) than Women do.

Men have shorter legs than Women do and ft in proportion to their torso.

Men have larger, rectangular kneecaps compared to Women.

Men Have larger calves than Women.

Men have thicker ankle joints than Women do.

Men have longer femurs than Women do.

Men have larger feet than Women do.


Women's skulls/heads are significantly smaller than Men's skulls/heads and fit in proportion to their body.

Women have small foreheads that are flat and go straight up and down, and are significantly small than Men's foreheads.

Women have lower, rounder hairlines with a widows-peak, they're much higher on Men.

Women have thinner eyebrows than Men do.

The space between the eye and eyebrow is smaller on a Woman than on a Man.

Women have small, soft, sparkling eyes, that are very close together

The pores on a Woman's nose are smaller and less noticeable than a Man.

Women have chubby, rosey red cheeks.

Women's ears are smaller than Men's ears, their earlobes don't aren't as prominent and their ears are much more rounded.

Women ears are set either at or noticeable above eye-level.

Women have a smaller philtrum than Men do.

Women have smaller lips than Men do, the top lip is thinner than the bottom lip, the top lip has up down up down motion to it and they have a pouty bottom lip.

Women have smaller and narrower mouths than Men do.

Women have smaller teeth and a smaller dental palet than Men do.

Women have weak, slopped jaws and they also have double chins.

Women have short, stout, slopped necks.

Let me just reiterate that Men have Adams apples and Women don't, it's really important that you know this.

Women have small, slopped shoulders.

Women have small, dainty collarbones that angle up.

Women have short, flabby arms that angle away from their body

Women also have shorter humerus bones than Men do.

Women have thinner, dainter wrists and elbow joints than Men do.

Women have smaller hands than Men do, they have small, slopped knuckles, they have a small, round palm of the hand, they have a shorter ring finger and longer ring finger than men do, they have pudge fingers.

Women have shorter torsos than Men, (shaped like a hourglass or a coke bottle) with a waist indent and pudgy, soft bellys, they also have asymmertical breast tissue (one breast is bigger than the other).

Women have smaller ribcages than Men do that angle in.

The navel on a Woman is set below the waist.

Women have wide, child-bearing hips, they have a larger buttocks than Men do.

Women have curved backs and spines, their backs starts bending higher up.

Women's bodies are curvier than Men's bodies and are covered in a subcutianous layer of fat, they have fat deposities everywhere.

Women have smaller scapula bones than Men do.

Women have longer legs in than Men do and fit in proportion to their torso.

Women have smaller, rounder kneecaps compared to Men.

Women have smaller calves than Men do.

Women have daintier, thinner, ankle joints than Men do.

Women have smaller feet than Men do.