The Real Jesus

In your typical brick and mortar V01C3 churches, your average run-of-the-mill phony plastic christian especially fake pastors love to sell you fake "jeebus" instead of the real Jesus Christ. From they way they talk about Jesus, they will have you believe that Jesus was some doormat who's only purpose here on earth was to be trappled on, ramble on and on about love and nothing else. That couldn't be any further from the truth. Sure Jesus would talk about love sometimes but not as often as they would have you think. Jesus wasn't afraid talk about the important truths and the harsh, grim realities of earth, touchy topics labeled taboo for the time. The things Jesus would say would shake people, some would ponder his teachers and take heed to them, while others would reject him, perscute him and would go to great lengths to kill him. Jesus wasn't a weak person, he was mentally strong, he could be pretty confrontational at times, he wasn't afraid say what was on his mind no matter how controversial because it was the truth even though he knew it would attract the ire of nefarious people.

Most pastors don't talk about how Jesus warn us about false prophets who would come to us in sheep's clothing but inactuality are "ravening wolves" (Matthew 7:15), most pastors fit the criteria of a wolf in sheep's who are only there to gas-light and decieve people and lead them to straight to hell. They don't want you to pay attention to the fact that Jesus clearly stated the chances of a camel going through the eye of a needle are higher than a rich man entering kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 19:24) because guess what, most pastors are rich and know it applies to them too. Jesus taught us about how most people are on the broadway to destruction and are going to hell and very few people are on the strait and narrow path to heaven (Matthew 7:13). So where do people get the idea that most will be saved in the end by Jesus when that's far from the truth. Another thing you see in Modern Churches are how Pastors ramble incessantly about the Paul letters as if the words of Paul are some how comparable to and more important than the words of Jesus Christ.

Jesus would cause a scene at the synnagogues and confront the moneychangers for turning the house of prayer into "a den of thieves"(Matthew 21:13). Would fake "jeebus" do that? NO! Jesus explained to us, the parable of the "wheat and the tares" (Matthew 13:36) He warned us about the "tares", the evil people that rule this earth, they're everywhere, you're surrounded by them. He told us that tares were planted by Satan, They are the childen of the wicked one and they will be burned in the fire when the world ends. You don't see most pastors talking about that because they are "tares" themselves. He warned us that we should swear any oaths at all not even by God. (Matthew 5:34). the higher ups take oaths all the time, it's very prominent in freemasonry and politics especially in America when a new president is elected, they swear on the bible. Verses like this and many more are why most plastic phony christians don't like to talk about the real Jesus, unlike "jeebus" his words actually hold weight, they're important, they're the truth, they will actually lead people to salvation. They would rather talk about verses like John 3:16 and ramble on and on about love instead. Follow Jesus and Repent! He's coming back soon.

I've made links for all the verses I referenced below:
Bible verses:

Matthew 7:15
Matthew 19:24
Matthew 7:13
Matthew 21:13
Matthew 13:38
Matthew 5:34