Time Is Going Faster

Let me just preface this by saying that I didn't come up with alot of these ideas originally, I have to give credit to Watching for Fire for pointing out this important truth.

Time is literally moving faster than it used to in the past, people love to say that "you're just getting older" or "time files when your having fun", 1 year to 5 year is different for 1 year to a 25 year, I understand that, but there's more to it than that, this end times prophecy declared by Jesus Christ himself.

Matthew 24:22

And except those day should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened.

This means the days are shorter, a day is still 24 hours, it just that a hour or a minute today isn't the same as and is shorter than a hour or a minute in the past. On earth, we've always used the 24 hour day cycle but nowadays it's been sped up. It is worth noting that the NIV is a satanic and heavily corrupted version of the bible that's been dumbed down and diluted, it doesn't have the same majesty of language that the KJV possess. The KJV reads beatifully and isn't too diffcult to understand, society have conditioned people to believe it's hard to read and go for more simplified version like the NIV which obsures the true meaning of many important verses in the bible. When you look at this verse pertaining to time in the NIV, it's a prime example of this.

Matthew 24:22 (NIV)

If those days had not been cut short, no one should survive, but for the shake of the elect those days will be shortened.

Notice how the NIV version says "If those days be cut short" this implies God planned to literally cut off some days which is completely different to and far from what the KJV version says, "And expect those days should be shortened" implying that God made the days short thus speeding up the 24 hour day cycle, speeding up the hours and minutes of day, the latter seems plausible and makes much more sense. You can clearly see that the NIV makes no sense and obscures the true meaning of biblical prophecy, I find it very telling. God exists outside of time ,he has everthing planned out already and knows how everthing will play out in the end, adding or getting rid of days isn't a part.

Something else I noticed is that sue to time going faster people don't have enough time to do anything substancially in just few hours, minimal tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking didn't take up that much time in the past but now it takes up most if not your whole day now. In the past being full-time house wife was possible, you could cook, clean, go shopping etc. and still have plenty of time left over to do other things but now just one of those things will take up your whole day.

It's gotten to the point to where schools have cut off some of the material in the curriculum because there's physically not enough time to cover all of it. This also explains why video games and movies take up to 5-10 years to be released to compenstate for the less time they have to make them. This explain why we have an over-abundance of remakes and reboots in movies and video games, not only are they running out of ideas, but more time is put into their original projects than usually, you may find a few gems amongst the never-ending remakes and super-hero movies.