By The Numbers

Here's a Gematria calculator from a really great web page you can use.


Gematria Calculator


The people in control of this world/people in-the-know are obsessed with speaking in secret codes and communicate in handsigns and other satanic symbols, the famous adage "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws" comes to mind. Another thing they love is playing with numbers, Gematria is very important to them. The whole idea of Gematria is turning numbers into words. As previously mentioned on my thirty-three page, the number 33 comes up alot in media because it's an duality number, it's the highest degree in freemasonry and there are many numbers in both pythagorian and chaldean gematria that equal 33. 3, 6, 7, 9 are big numbers and can be seen alot.

They love duality and mirror images so mirror numbers like 11, 33, 44, 55, 77 etc. are commonly used. Essentially, most multiples of 11 would be added to that list. The number 11 represents the two pillars of freemasonry, destruction equals 44 in chaldean gematria, destruction isn't a foreign concept to them. Satan is 55 in pythogorian gematria (unreduced) enough said, the number 77 is favored because it's looked at as 7 7, 14 is 7+7, 14 is a number that's very symbolic snd comes up in the bible alot. All the multiples of 7 hold importance, 7, 14 , 21, 28, 35, 42 etc. 7 is also considered symbolic and a powerful number especially in the bible, there's 7 days a week, God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day, the seven bowls of God's wrath just to name a few.

Pythagorean Gematria Chart

As I've said before, they turn numbers into words and speak in secret codes. If you wondering how it works, it simple. You take the value of each letter and you add them together.

6 9 1 5 7 5


Unreduced Pythagorean Gematria Chart is letter's place in the alphabet. A is 1, B is 2,... Y is 25, Z is 26

Chaldean Gematria Chart

21 is important because is 7 7 7, the jackpot number, 7+7+7 is 21, which is also explains why 777 is favored, I'm not entirely sure the reasons why they like 42. 27 comes up alot because it's 3-cubed 3 times 3 times 3 or 3 3 3, 333 is also favored, it's one of the reasons why the infamous 27 Club is so significant. The love repition, when numbers and words repeat, when things come in 3's and when numbers triple so the numbers 111, 333, 555, 666 (for obvious reasons) 777, 999, etc. are significant. One bizzare idea is that 23 can be seen as two threes or 33 .

18 is 6+6+6, 666 is the number of the beast which explains why the satanic rulers love it so much. The rulers of this world love to communicate in signs and symbols, that why secret clubs with special passwords are such a big thing. They've created a secret/hidden language only people in-the-know can understand with their own little secret codes, their own secret hands signs and their own symbols. The same thing applies with numbers, they turn words into numbers and put importance into said numbers as that why all the numbers I've mentioned here show up frequently in of their news aricles and alot of media such Movies, TV, Music etc, it's another form of communication for them. They'll rather have people believe that the numbers don't matter and they shouldn't pay attention to them. The truth is all their secret games like Orange 33 are one big inside joke, they do everthing by the numbers.